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Video Projects

A collection of different projects that I have worked on. 

Included is a brief description of each project and my role in each.

Sideline To Sideline

Cinematic Game Recaps

Sideline to Sideline is our cinematic recap that we cut following our games. One gamedays, you can find me shooting over the should game action, on a High Hat shooting 120FPS Slow Motion Footage, an everything in-between. The video linked to the left, I was running an Arri Amira on a High Hat shooting SlowMo footage. One of my major roles in this show was creating the "look" of what we are capturing on gameday. The style that we adhere to as Cinematographers plays a large role in the story we tell as a department.

Role: Cinematographer


Player Features

Unleashed is our offseason show where we dive into the backstory of the men under the helmet. This show is primarily shot in the field, and last year "the field" included Fort Lauderdale, Salt Lake City, and West Virginia just to name a few. 

Role: Cinematographer

Go 1-0

2023 Playoff Hype Video

This video was our Playoff Hype video for 2023. The premise was a monologue delivered by NFL Hall of Famer, Joe Thomas, with a graffiti theme. While the script was written by others, my idea was tying a graffiti artist painting a mural to the story of Browns 2023 season. I thought there were some awesome parallels. We got banged up in 2023, and people started to count us out and thing we didn't belong in the playoffs. Much like a graffiti artist, we are where people didn't think we would be, and we are making our mark. For this shoot, we rented an Arri Alexa 35 and Atlas Anamorphic lenses. In the pre-production phase, I steered the look and feel of this video. I loved the way the anamorphic lens framed Joe with the stadium in the background and the way the light leaked across the image. We were able to make a $75,000 camera body feel 'grungy', and I love how this piece turned out. 

Role: Production Planning, Director of Photography

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