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Who is Drew Davidson?

Regional Emmy Award winning Cinematographer with an attention to detail and passion for storytelling. Nearly 11 years of experience working in the NFL, NHL, and NBA. Driven individual who is passionate about creating content that engages fans, drives revenue, and impacts the community around him

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What would I say I do here?

I wear many hats here with the Cleveland Browns. My title is Supervising Producer/Lead Cinematographer, and the easiest way to explain it is that I oversee the capturing portion of all of our digital content and TV Shows. My job is to make sure everyone else in the department is comfortable using all of our cameras, lights, and other production equipment. On gamedays I serve as one of our primary Cinematographers (both shooting from the shoulder and on a hi-hat). Our main objective is to document the game, and capture it in a way that our editors can tell the story of the Cleveland Browns. Aside from capturing the game from the snap to the whistle, I am always looking for the shots that convey the emotion of the game. Happiness, sadness, joy, angst, jubilation. 

As I mentioned above, I oversee all of production equipment. Over the last two years I lead the upgrading and overhauling of our fleet of cameras. When I arrived in Cleveland we were shooting every piece of content on 3 Sony FS7s, 1 Sony FS5, and 1 Sony A7s with standard kit lenses and Canon photography lenses.


Our camera fleet now includes:

  • 3 Arri Amiras

  • 2 Sony FX9s

  • 1 Sony FX6

  • 1 Sony FX3

  • Canon 17-120 Cine Servo lenses

  • Canon 25-250 Cine Servo lens

  • Fujinon 24x UHD B4 lens

  • Fujinon 85-300 Cabrio Cine lens

  • Sigma Cine 14mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm Primes and 18-35mm, 50-100mm Zooms

My Background...

The one on this page? I made that. That is kind of my thing. 


It started as a hobby, and a means to end my fidgeting during High School Chapel. I saw the soundboard that they used had buttons and sliders, sort of like what I thought a spaceship would look like. I started hanging out back there, and before I knew it I was helping run the sound board, tweak the lighting, and operating cameras. As luck would have it, I was pretty good at the camera side of it. I quickly learned that shooting video is cool, but once you have all that footage, you have to do something with it. Thankfully, the church and school had an awesome tech guy, Mr. Burcham. He never turned me away during study halls, free periods or during lunch and would always give me projects to assist with. 

Is this too in-depth? Probably. But it is instrumental in the story, so bear with me for a second. I end up at college, and I decided I wanted to chase a career that involved my two passions in life: Youth Ministry and Video Production. Here was the problem... I found out freshman year that the job I had in mind did not exist. While I was figuring out what career path I wanted to take, I signed up for TV1 and TV2 production classes for my Freshman year. Did I learn anything I already did not know?

Nope. Then it clicked. 

Now that I had taken every relevant college course by the start of my Sophomore year, I thought I hit a dead end. I wanted to transfer from the college I was attending to one with more Video and TV Production classes. My mom pushed me to do an internship for college credit before I decided if I wanted to transfer to a new school.


One internship lead to many. C-SPAN, Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers, ESPN, Columbus Blue Jackets, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears. I started to find my lane. After the Bears internship ended, I moved back home. Because I needed income, I worked overnights in a factory running a machine that welded car seats for Honda Accords. That sounds made up (I know), but it is the truth. I was sitting in the parking lot of this factory one evening before work and I got a call from a Chicago phone number. They Bears wanted me to interview for a Producer position they were creating. The next morning I called the temp agency and told them I was quitting. When they asked why, I told them that I was driving out to Chicago to interview for a job with the Bears. That was 100% the first time he heard that reason.

I get offered the job and spent 4 more years working for the Chicago Bears, before I got a call saying a job was opening up with my beloved Cleveland Browns. I was told about the job, interviewed for the job, offered the job and finally accepted the job in the matter of 4 days. Now here we are. 


Have a project you want me to help with, or need consulting on your next production? Please reach out!

Cell: (740) 215-1490

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